Carl Sagan and his fully armed spaceship of the imagination

Admiral Leo. An unidentified spacecraft is closing in on us.
On screen Commander Capricorn. Magnify.
OH NO!!! It's Carl Sagan and his Spaceship of the Imagination!!!!
Astrology... Your future looks............. Gloomy.
Quickly Major Pisces! Fire the Homeopathic Medicine Ray!!!
Direct hit Sir!
Admiral! The Homeopathic Medicine Ray is having absolutely NO measurable effect!
Incoming missile Sir!!!!
Sergeant Scorpio! Engage the Perpetual Motion Machine Powered Shield!!!!
Sir! There is no power at all coming from the Perpetual Motion Machine!!!
Uh... Okay. Quick! Everyone put on your Magnetic Healing Power Bracelet© before the mis-



Hyuga said...

This is the best thing I've seen in ages. Kudos.

Michael said...

Glad you liked it.
How about giving me some credit?


I'm not seeing any here.

f_guy said...

it's hard for me to post the source for every comic/meme/pic i find on the internet, this requires too much spare time and i did this blog just for fun.

anyway, congrats for your stuff, very fun and entertaining!

f_guy said...

i suggest to include the dialogue inside your comics and make a single file (or few if too much long) with the url of your blog at the bottom

Cameron Goble said...

Carl Sagan had the advantage. He had first invented the Universe.